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Our Mission: 
Port Related Companies: Promoting the Commerce of the Port District, Monitoring and Shaping Legislation and Regulations, and Providing a Unified Voice for its members. 
Our History

Make up of membership


Companies who are tenants and users of the Port of Tampa and companies who provide services to tenants and users of the port of Tampa makeup our members.  PTMIA has eight categories of members as follows:


1.    Shipping and Transport

2.    Shipyard and Repair

3.    Terminal Operators, including bulk, petroleum, container &  general cargo

4.    Passenger Vessels

5.    Ship Agents and NVOCCs

6.    Contractors and Subcontractors

7.    Service Providers and Vendors

8.    Professionals including Law Firms, Banks, Engineering Firms

Why we are an organization.


The PTMIA was created on June 24, 2003 as a Florida Non-Profit corporation to further the economic interests of the Tampa Port District’s tenants and users. One of its distinguishing features is that its membership is comprised and represents local companies rather than individuals. As such, the PTMIA is a league of businesses promoting economic development.

We maintain a calendar of dates affecting the Port community. CLICK HERE.
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