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To be a member of PTMIA, the company will be interested in our Mission:


The Port of Tampa Maritime Industries Association promotes the commercial interests in the Port of Tampa to increase annual cargo tonnage shipped through the port and to increase the annual number of ship calls at the Port of Tampa.  The PTMIA will act to provide its members with information on legislation, regulations and policies affecting port security, port operations and commerce.  The Association will provide a forum to promote the interests of its members, the Port of Tampa and port users through better communication with Port Authority staff, Port Commissioners and local, state and federal law makers.  The PTMIA seeks to shape legislation and policy to promote all commercial interests in the Port of Tampa and to promote maintenance and improvement of infrastructure of the port, while keeping the cost of doing business low and the port competitive in state, regional and world markets.


For qualifying businesses, download our application:


Is your company interested in becoming a member and you want to talk to someone?

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