Busting Clays
Feb 16, 2019, 8:00 AM
Fish Hawk

Gain recognition for supporting the maritime community by sponsoring the 2nd Annual Busting Clays with PTMIA.

Here are some options to become a crew member:

Captain Sponsorship                                                                    $3,000


The entire event will be named after your company.  Company name will be displayed on a large banner in the pavilion with name of company on all marketing material.  Your company name will also be displayed at 8 buoy shooting stations, all scoring cards and allows for 8 shooters.


1st Mate Sponsorship                                                                    $2,000


Support your local maritime community and be recognized on a banner displayed in the Pavilion. Your company will also be shown at 6 buoy shooting stations and allows for 6 shooters.


2nd Mate Sponsorship                                                                $1,000


Show your support by displaying your company name on a banner in the Pavilion.  You will also be present at 4 buoy shooting stations with signs and allows for 4 shooters.


Seal Team Sponsorship                                                               $500


Just want to be a mate?  Your dedication to the port community will be recognized with your company name on signs at 6 buoy shooting stations.


Buoy Station Signs                                                                         $100


Support our cause by showing your flag at a buoy shooting station.

Raffle items

Show your support and be recognized for raffle items... your companies logoed items, gift baskets, ammunition... all items welcomed! We will pick the items up!

Join these crew members:
Our sponsors from last year

1st Mate

2nd Mates
Your sponsorship!

Questions? Call 386.679.8402 or email admin@ptmia.org

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